Интернет провайдер "Silknet"

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Интернет провайдер Silknet
ID: 2352
Название (бренд): Silknet
Личный кабинет:
Адрес: 95 Tsinamdgvrishvili str. 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia
Телефон: (+995 32) 2 10 00 00


Silknet is a new company in the Georgia Telecommunications market. It was established by United Telecom JSC, Wanex Ltd. and Ajara Electrocommunication Ltd. to consolidate the business and enhance service quality.

Silknet corporate guarantees
Silknet offers consumers comprehensive telecommunications packages: Telephone, Internet, Television.
The management’s top priority is to offer a new, consistent kind of service to the customer. The Silknet product-developing group is working fervently to develop innovative and customer oriented services.

The purpose of the company is to secure a leading position in the telecommunication sphere by maximally satisfying customer interests by offering innovative products, establishing new services and increasing the market share and profitability.