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Интернет провайдер Shaw Communications
ID: 1378
Название (бренд): Shaw Communications
Личный кабинет:
Телефон: 1-888-472-2222


The entertainment and communications industry has grown and expanded into one of the most interesting and exciting fields to work in. We, at Shaw, strive for excellence, knowing that our success is based on the high quality of our products, the superiority of our services, and most of all, the contributions of our people. We are a technology company but our people are our strength.

The culture of Shaw is driven by our people, making Shaw one of the best places to begin a new career or expand on an existing career. Our vision, We, the leading entertainment and communications company, deliver exceptional customer experience through outstanding people sharing Shaw Values, highlights that our people create our successes.

The Shaw culture is highlighted prominently in our Values:
Positive, Can Do Attitude
Team Player
Customer Focused

We live by our values and use them as a guiding principle in any decision we make.