Интернет провайдер "PT. Pishon Wireless Teknologi"

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Интернет провайдер PT. Pishon Wireless Teknologi
ID: 592
Название (бренд): PT. Pishon Wireless Teknologi
Личный кабинет:
Адрес: Infratel Building JL. Panti Asuhan No 42 Jakarta Timur Jakarta 13340
Телефон: +62 021 8191783


INFRATELNET established in 2007 under License of Directorate General of Information and Communication number 026/DIRJEN/2007 and Member of Indonesia Internet Provider Association (APJII) number 245/APJII/K-2007 and it's true internet service provider.

INFRATELNET, Is proudly deliver premium quality Internet service through the use of latest high technology available and qualified IT Personnel. We realize that Telecommunication is one of the fastest growing business sector of modern technology. Therefore Our goal is to privilege our customer to enjoy the best Information and Communication technology available, from the use of Fiber Optic up to the Satellite system. Nowadays The flow of high speed information highway as well as Entertainment and Multimedia service is imperatively using broadband connection. INFRATELNET is the solution your Broadband Internet Service, in its unique way to satisfies all market segments without need to worry of sky high Internet Broadband prices.