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Интернет провайдер Intelleca
ID: 1696
Название (бренд): Intelleca
Личный кабинет:
Адрес: 42 Glenhove Road Melrose Estate Johannesburg
Телефон: +27 (0)11 442 4242


Intelleca formed in 1998 as an IT and Telecoms Solutions provider. Intelleca’s aim is to be relevant and differentiated in all spheres of business in which we are active.

This differentiation comes in many forms, from exceptional industry specific expertise (for example Intelleca’s intimate understanding and expertise in the Financial Services and HealthCare arenas), to being an early entrant, market leader, and dominant player in technologies as they move through the curve of emerging to mature technologies (for example Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification technologies), to leading the change behind an entirely new economic model of offering services or technology where we believe there is substantial value to be unlocked for our Customers by changing the status quo. Differentiation means that our value proposition to our Customers is unique.

Intelleca prides itself on being relevant. It is not enough for us to be visionaries and innovators - we are only satisfied when our ideas, services, and value proposition are fully embraced and implemented with our customers and their customers through an ongoing and interactive process. We strive to be number one, and hence relevant, in the spheres of business in which we are active and to be market creators rather than market reactors.

The key differentiator we hope you will find when working with Intelleca is our people. We go through a rigorous process of attracting like-minded people to our company. People who are good communicators and have domain or industry specific “Intelle”lectual “Ca”pital (and hence the name “Intelleca”) and share a common culture of obsessive pride in their work, a willingness to serve our customers, and deliver like clockworks time-and-time again on our promises.