Интернет провайдер "Cytanet"

Интернет провайдер Cytanet
ID: 1153
Название (бренд): Cytanet
Адрес сайта (URL):
Адрес: Telecommunications Str., Strovolos, P.O Box 24929, CY-1396, Nicosia - Cyprus
Телефон: +(357) 22701000

Cytanet, the largest Internet Service Provider in Cyprus, offers Internet services to individuals, professionals and businesses. Aiming at satisfying the specific needs of each user group Cytanet has developed services tailor made for your individual needs.

To subscribe to our services simply call 8000 8080, free of charge, or visit one of Cyta's Customer Service Offices. Our experienced and reliable personnel will guide and assist you in choosing the right service according to your needs.