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Интернет провайдер Portlane
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Название (бренд): Portlane
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Portlane offers a series of quality IP Services for both companies as well as other operators & ISPs where everything from Internet access to IP Transit is delivered with the highest possible availability. With our global infrastrcture it creates the best possible connectivity across Europe from several high priority nodes.

With everything from a single rack space unit to full cabinets along with dedicated rooms, Portlane offers a wide range of data center and hosting services to the market which needs the most out of security and availability. The selection of services is wide and with a high level of competence Portlane offers reliable and secure solutions.

With one of Swedens most modern and secure data center and a network that covers the major parts of Europe, Portlane offers an unique and futuristic infrastructure. If we add eco-friendly hosting, fully developed IPv6 network and a strong and competent work force then we have summarized Portlane exceedingly.