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Интернет провайдер BandCon
ID: 635
Название (бренд): BandCon
Личный кабинет:
Адрес: BandCon – California 151 Kalmus Drive Suite M-2 Costa Mesa, California 92626 Phone: 888.253.8353 / 714.727.2800 Fax: 714.641.1670
Телефон: 888.253.8353 / 714.727.2800


BandCon has been providing network infrastructure since 2000, and in that time we’ve been supporting the success of companies like MySpace, NeuLion, Miniclip.com, Digg, Rackspace, Skype and others. We’ve learned what content providers need and, more importantly, how to package all of the services together as a better value. BandCon is the only network infrastructure company designed around all the requirements needed to deliver content in today’s ever-changing environment.