Интернет провайдер "AZERTELECOM"

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Интернет провайдер AZERTELECOM
ID: 1003
Название (бренд): AZERTELECOM
Личный кабинет:
Адрес: Azerbaijan, Baku, AZ1029, Alaskar Gayibov 10Q, "Subhan-S" Plaza
Телефон: +99412 310 8280


"Azertelekom" LLC, the telecommunications operator. The company, in 2008, international fixed telephone connection, internet, data and voice transmission as well as by offering wired communications market has been established to work. Azertelecom network from north to south and from west to east in the neighboring Russia, Georgia and Iran together. Azertelekom Azerfon LLC owners (95%), Communications (2.5%) and Communications (2.5%) - dir. Azertelekom voice, internet, VPN (virtual private network), VoOP (IP network of voice transmission), including the integration of existing public telephone network lines, covering various fixed services licenses has. For more information on licenses here Point. Azertelekom Quality Management System has been implemented and 13 May 2011, the International ISO 9001: 2008 Standards Compliance Certificate was obtained. Az?rtelekomun to execute decisions on behalf of the ISO mission, carried out under the Plan and Indicators based on customer requests. Based on these processes, Azertelecom to compete successfully in the market, providing high-level service to its customers and gain their credibility. Azertelecom telecommunications in the various international exhibitions, seminars and meetings took place. Azertelecom Haim Maimon's Chief Executive Officer. Azertelekom gold of the Caspian-European Integration Business Club He is a member (CEIBC).